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If the parties fail to settle the dispute or differences through mutual discussions, within 30 days of dispute/differences first arising, then the same shall be referred to International & Domestic Arbitration Centre (IDAC) India to be resolved through  Conciliation/Mediation followed by Arbitration to be conducted in accordance with Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as amended from time to time. The language of the Arbitration shall be English.

The arbitration shall be held at (location as decided by parties) by appointment of (Sole Arbitrator/3 member Tribunal) as per IDAC India’s Appointment procedure. IDAC India Rules of Procedure as amended from time to time will apply.”

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ADR is complex and ever evolving


Prioritize Stability in Fundamentals

IDAC India is a professionally managed Institute providing Dispute Resolution established in January 2016 having its presence in Vadodara, Mumbai & Delhi. Promoted by arbitration practitioners and advised by an eminent Advisory Committee IDAC India is committed to providing effective and quality ADR services to Indian and overseas Parties.

Modern Business requires prompt resolution of disputes with fewer complexities instead of time consuming & extensive court procedure. Responding to this need of time is the Vision behind IDAC India

Outstanding claims & receivables profoundly affect financial health of your business – effective conflict resolution has comprehensive advantages to your business

Simplify dispute resolution

Time & Cost Efficacy

Expert Advise & Assessment

ADR at IDAC India

At IDAC India we provide dispute resolution guidance in particular in matters of arbitration between two Indian Parties or between Indian parties and foreign parties.

Refer to our Rules of procedure for important information like establishment of Arbitral tribunal, Commencement of Arbitration for Arbitration between Indian Parties or where either party is foreign or Virtual Dispute resolution

IDAC India charges nominal fees strictly adhering to recommended fees structure as per Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 in its latest amendment.

Parties are encouraged to adopt IDAC India’s model clause for their Contracts to avoid appointment related difficulties in the event of differences regarding the arbitrator to be appointed.

How to initiate Arbitration at IDAC India?

If the agreement contains an arbitration clause, in which the parties have agreed to apply IDAC India Arbitration Rules, then the party which requires to start the arbitration can refer the dispute to IDAC India.

Parties can also agree to enter into a separate Agreement submitting their dispute to IDAC India. Advocates can also propose institutional arbitration at IDAC India


In addition to Arbitration, IDAC India also provides other formal non-adjudicative processes such as Conciliation/mediation, Neutral Evaluation in early stages of disputes and advises on dispute resolution

IDAC India recognizes the practical scope of Mediation/Conciliation and its gaining significance globally

Process of Facilitated settlement guided by experts

Legal & Domain Experts can advise you on the best approach , possibilities of outcome and help you best safe-guard your commercial and business interests

Early Case Assessment & Advisory