Early case assessment and Advisory

  • With development in Law & practice for addressing your disputes multiple ways to deal and many processes have also emerged.
  • At early stages Parties and even lawyers are evaluating the pros and cons of their case and IDAC India strives to provide a neutral 360 degree advise keeping in mind the legal and technical landscape relevant to your case

Mediation Developments and future

  • In addition to Conciliation being provided in Arbitration & Conciliation Act – Chapter IIIA of Commercial Courts Act, 2015 amended in 2018 provides for mediation or settlement to take place before institution of suit
  • Mediation is gaining significant ground within Indian Judiciary and conciliatory dialogue is also increasingly being recognized as a mode of Dispute Resolution
  • A different law for Mediation may also be passed in the near future
  • IDAC India recognizes the practical scope of Mediation/Conciliation and its gaining significance globally
  • Institutionally we have Mediation Rules and are actively working on a separate panel of mediators to encourage private mediation