Empanelment Procedure :

IDAC India Panel is open. Any person who has the required experience and expertise in the field of Arbitration can apply for Empanelment as an Arbitrator in IDAC India. IDAC India Empanelment Committee shall examine each and every application received and decide on the basis of the merit of the application.

Empanelment as Domestic Arbitrator :

IDAC India has two distinct Panel of Arbitrators i.e., Domestic & International Arbitrators Empanelled as domestic arbitrators shall be considered for assignments arising out of a contract between two Indian parties. The basic requirement for making an empanelment application in IDAC India include,

    1. 10 years experience in a field
    2. 10 years experience as a lawyer
    3. Good command over English.

Direct Empanelment of Arbitrators :

Even though IDAC India normally do not give any exemption to the qualifications required to get empanelled, directly without following the above said regular procedure:-

    1. Retired Supreme Court Judges
    2. Retired High Court Judges
    3. Person who have worked as an Arbitrator in more than five matters
    4. Fellow members of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK presiding in India.

The persons covered by the above said category can send a profile and email to the empanelment committee and get empanelled directly.

Empanelment as an International Arbitrator :

IDAC India International Arbitration Panel includes Arbitrators from all over the world with exposure in different areas of commercial activity. Any personal who has anyone or more of the following qualifications may apply for empanelment as an International Arbitrator,

    1. Fellowship granted by Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK
    2. Successful completion of Arbitration school conducted by Association for International Arbitration (AIA) – Brussels Belgium
    3. Experience as an Arbitrator in an International Arbitration
    4. Masters Degree in the field of Arbitration from recognized University
    5. Experience as a Counsel in a minimum of three International Arbitration matters & with 10 years of Professional experience.
    6. Teaching experience of 10 years in the field of Arbitration.

Personal who have any of the above said qualifications can mail their application office@idacindia.org along with the supporting documents to IDAC India.